A multipurpose, didactic tool, this workshop kit aims at spreading scenarios about the preferable futures of a local, united, responsible, and resilient production.

Art Direction
2022. With Design Friction 

At the heart of this kit sits a design fiction approach, to project oneself in more or less possible and preferable futures, with the help of scenarios and their artefacts. Commissionned by the APES  (Action Pour une Economie Solidaire, in english Action for a United Economy), the kit is an ensemble of resources for reflecting on the stakes of local production in Northern France. It follows three complementary goals : raising awareness of the current stakes, anticipating the transformations to come, and debating to enlighten collective action.

The kit is designed to be autonomous, so that no specific skillset is required in order to use it with workshop groups.

The kit and its identity, deployed through folders, scenario sheets and workshop tools.

The three speculative scenarios and their artefacts (images or objects) were co-created with local and APES stakeholders. They present futures where the current trend dials are turned all the way to their extremes, or evolved in an unexpected manner, in order to be confronted to the upcoming transformations and possible breaches of local production, and take action. They are a support for projection, for imagination, to take a step back, and most of all for discussion.

Because the presented paths ask more questions than they bring answers, they are set for debate, to evaluate their plausibility and their preferability, and therefore to emerge strategies and actions to lead today.

Passport, sign, and “use-o-meter”. Artefacts created specifically to support the fictional and speculative scenarios.

Inspired by factory markings, stamps, and other labelling, the visual direction unifies the various kit elements while remaining practical, at the service of the appreciation of the scenarios and artefacts, the real focus of the workshop. Tools feel spacious in order to invite participation and writing, and to allow for easy photocopying.