A VIP event with an experience allowing guests to be the co-creators of a short film, for the reveal of the largest 4K display in the world.

Motion Design
Media Production
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2014. With Second Story 

Excerpt of the user's experience, with animations.

The experience allowed guests to customize a short film, through the magical hands of the people at Universal Everything. Inside the event space, on interactive tablets, options would be given to create the film: the type of soundtrack, the time of the day, the season, and the type of bird featured in the film would be defined by the guest. The resulting clip would then be displayed on the (then-)largest 4K display in the world, wrapping the building where the event took place, right on Times Square, New York.

I took part in creating looping animations that ornate the interactive tablets. While the art direction was already defined, using triangles as the primary shape throughout the space and experience, I had pretty much carte blanche for the animations. While some animations were done manually, most of them were created with Red Giant's Trapcode Particular.

All looping animations.

4K display on the Times Square Marriott Marquis.