An interactive, narrative, and speculative experience to navigate through the multiple futures of the Northern Route.

Art Direction
UI Design
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2021. With Design Friction 

This experience sits within a broader project named Octopa, between speculative fiction, artistic research, and prospective studies, with the goal of exploring the futures of the Arctic region. Pluridisciplinary by design, the initiative is carried by Prof. Andrew Morrison of the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) and Prof. Amanda Steggell of the National Arts Academy of Oslo (KHiO), with Design Friction.

Story and exploration tool.

Since the melting of the arctic ice, the emergence of the Northern Road reshapes the political, economical, and cultural stakes of the entire region. Based on the exploratory works of the KHiO and AHO, Octopatlas draws a map of the unexpected transformations and the key breaking points of the arctic region, with the help of 28 short fictions. From extractivism to the militarization of the North Pole, by way of native people rights, and last chance tourism, Octopatlas suggests confronting to the fears, hopes, risks, and opportunities induced by the metamorphosis of the Northern Route.

The visual language of an Atlas feels familiar as much as it welcomingly contrasts with the fictional and prospective nature of its contents. A detailed map, centered on the Northern Route territory, is sprinkled with 28 illustrations to pique the reader's curiosity, and to provide together with their titles some context for each scenario. Like an open book, the scenario is revealed on a screen split in half: to the left, the story, and to the right, reflection tools after reading.

Between contemplative speculation and anticipatory poetry, the Octopatlas fictions invite the reader to consider their evolution in these futures and to prepare to confront them from today.

Sticker-style illustrations.