An interactive media installation offers a dynamic window into the history of a county.

UI/UX Design
Motion Design
Media Production
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2015, 2019. With Second Story 

The Libbie Mill Library in Henrico County, VA, serves as a gathering place for the community to connect, learn, and share knowledge. We created a unique media installation that helps visitors tie the rich stories of Henrico’s past to their own present-day realities, inspiring them to form a vision for the county’s future.

The inside wall and interactive table.

A map-based motion graphics piece plays on the exterior of the installation, depicting the county’s evolution since its founding. To the interior, visitors find an interactive wall and table experience that makes history feel personal and relevant.

Confronting contemporary and archival imagery, visitors discover surprising stories about life in their area, from agriculture to education and everywhere in between. On the accompanying touch table, guests can take a deeper dive into these subjects, exploring the impacts of people and events across time and understanding how they still resonate today.