I have recently taken a path of explorating generative art, mostly created with Processing, and sometimes outputted as prints through my pen plotter. Here is a collection of artworks. Original plots are also for sale on my Etsy shop 

Contributions to Plot Party.

(1) Playground.
(2) Harps.
(3) Amputecture.
(4) Biomes.


(1) Genuary 2, 2022: "Dithering."
(2) Genuary 28, 2022: "Self-portrait."
(3) Experiment inspired by splitflap displays.

Genuary 17, 2021: "3 colors."

Fluid Harps, plotted.

Harps, plotted with black and silver ink.

More Harps.

(1) Genuary 27, 2021: "#2E294E #541388 #F1E9DA #FFD400 #D90368"
(2) Genuary 13, 2021: "800x80"


36 Days of Type 2022. L / M / N.


Geometric Tapestries.

Genuary 7, 2022: "Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing."
Inspired by Wall Drawing 305 : one hundred random specific points, here reduced to twenty.

All points are either defined by being half, a third, or a quarter of the way between two other points, or by the intersection of two lines drawn from two sets of points. The distance between them is checked in order to have a more even distribution.


Genuary 9, 2021: "Architecture", left and right plotted.


Genuary 1, 2021: "Draw 10,000 of something."
Counting numbers from 1 to 10000. Like roman numbers (almost), I is 1, X is 10, O is 100, M is 1000.
Top images plotted, front and back (reversed).


(1) Tribute to Laura Coupeau and her dog Taylor.
(2) Experiment inspired by splitflap displays.