An exhaustive interactive guide to decipher and understand Leonardo Da Vinci's Codex Leicester

Motion Design
Media Production
2014, 2018.

Idle animation.

The Codex Leicester is a notebook, a collection of scientific writings about the flow of the water, the luminosity of the Moon, and why we can find fossils at the surface of the Earth.

After going through the hands of a few people over the centuries, it was purchased in 1994 by Bill Gates. Since the notebook itself can’t be touched and browsed, each page has been scanned digitally and became the source material for the Codescope.

Second Story created a tool that would achieve two goals: allowing anyone to browse every single page, including latin and english transcriptions, and offering succint topical stories that would refer to the related, scattered sections of the book. We curated the stories, and produced animations to further illustrate them.



I only took part in the concepting and the making of the animations, but it was a real honor to contribute in the vulgarization of the research of one of the most prolific minds that ever existed.